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MahJong Connect65,535
FunnyTowers Card Games65,535
Dragonball Z64,506
Simpsons Home Interactive51,679
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: Break Down Blast39,319
Mc Donalds Video Game35,662
Virtual Knee Surgery33,668
Shanghai Dynasty33,414
Samurai Jack28,793
Avenue Remy28,749
Mario's Time Attack25,069
12 Puzzle24,161
Gold Miner Vegas24,043
Battle - Tactics United20,942
Sonic Blox20,512
Sinjid Battle Arena20,173
Sonic Trip18,655
Megaman Next17,759
Goofy Gopher17,311
Fortress Game16,146
3D Space Skimmer15,644
Kung Fu Remix14,791
Power Up Attack14,713
Stick RPG13,229
Donkey Kong Classic12,133
USS Enterprise Two12,054
Penalty Master11,544
Lone Faction11,418
Adventures of Jack10,929
Acne Be Gone10,540
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5.03D Space Skimmer
5.0Get a Grip
5.0Megaman Next
5.0Mah Jongg
5.0Mario Star Catcher 2
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Nr total de jocuri3,000
Jocuri Jucate3,654,514
Jocuri azi228
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Bine ati venit pe site-ul de jocuri Pe acest site de jocuri am incercat sa adaugam cele mai tari si mai noi jocuri gratuite flash de pe internet. Avem de toate: jocuri cu masini, jocuri sportive, jocuri de actiune si aventura, jocuri cu barbie, jocuri pentru copii. Te rugam sa folosesti meniul din stanga pentru jocuri flash gratuite online.

Ultimele jocuri

Avenue Remy
Sit the customers to their tables, serve them the food they want, and take their money.
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Mc Donalds Video Game
Play as a manager of the famous McDonald and try not to bankcrupt the company!
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Virtual Knee Surgery
Play as a surgeon in this special virtual surgery operation. Analyze the steps that needs to be done
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Tainted Kingdom
A brand new strategy from the creators of Sonny.
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Kung Fu Remix
Good remake of the original arcade hit which came out in the 1980s.
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Tactics Core
Plan your moves to defeat your opponent!
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Jocuri categoria Jocuri Actiune

Notepad InvadersNotepad Invaders
A strange remake of the classic space invaders game, drawn on a notepad with ink!
Trojan GuardTrojan Guard
Coordination shooting game.
Adventures of Guy - RPGAdventures of Guy - RPG
One day, you wake up, go outside and are attacked when a wizards asks you to go on a quest.
Space BoySpace Boy
Some ugly and slimey aliens have attacked earth. Only one brave kid with a water pistol can stop the

Jocuri categoria Jocuri Sport

Snowboarder XSSnowboarder XS
Score the highest number of points by collecting stars, performing tricks or going quickly in this 3
Squirrel GolfSquirrel Golf
Tee up silly squirrels and try to get a hole in one.
Lawn BowlingLawn Bowling
Throw the black bowling ball as close to the jack on the green as possible.
Fish Hunter 2Fish Hunter 2
Walk around and throw harpoon spears at fish to catch and eat them.

Jocuri categoria Jocuri Puzzle

Ultimate Mario Game QuizUltimate Mario Game Quiz
Answer numerous questions on different mario games, featuring luigi, toad, princess, bowser and more
Quiz Time with Chrono 4Quiz Time with Chrono 4
Chrono gives you a test on more backgrounds from Super Nintendo games.
Quick BrickQuick Brick
Click on three or more bricks to destroy them play arcade tournament or puzzle games.
Flick as many nuts in the goal as possible.

Jocuri categoria Jocuri Shooter

Shootout IIShootout II
Challenge cowboys to duels and capture the most wanted criminals.
Police Sniper 2Police Sniper 2
Peform sniper missions in your helicopter, shoot down enemy snipers and rockets.
Fly PigFly Pig
Shoot down the flying pigs with your shotgun and make a sandwich from the meat.
Space BugsSpace Bugs
Shoot down the invading enemy space bugs before they run you down.

Jocuri categoria Alte Jocuri

Battle of the BobBattle of the Bob
Fly around in your biplane protect your battle ship and shoot down enemy bombers.
Sponge Bob Square Pants: Patty PanicSponge Bob Square Pants: Patty Panic
Run over the food pieces so they drop and make hamburgers. Watch out for baddies.
A Little FunnyA Little Funny
Its a dress up game with an added twist. You can make different combinations of the girl's face. Hav
Scoobydoo Adventures Episode 2Scoobydoo Adventures Episode 2
Horror on the High Seas: Episode 2 - Neptune's Nest

Jocuri categoria Jocuri cu Masini

Big Head BoyBig Head Boy
Use the head of a boy to smash the ball and break the blocks down.
Reel GoldReel Gold
Clear each level of gold before the time runs out to move onto the next valley.
Insane OrbInsane Orb
Modified classic pong game use paddle to hit ball and shoot to move the ball with your fire.
Tin TossTin Toss
Select a brand name can either coke or sprite and keep it up as long as possible

Jocuri categoria Jocuri Batai

Age of CastlesAge of Castles
Build up your castle, recruit more workers, defend with soldiers, get merchants for more gold and ex
Massive AttackMassive Attack
Click on the invading men to kill them before they reach your castle. Upgrade walls and add archers.
Position your troops, select actions such as gattling gun attack, bladesaw, and more and rip apart y
Balloon HunterBalloon Hunter
Shoot down the balloons floating from the basket with your bow and arrow.
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